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Red Square

Red Square is the main square of Moscow. It is the popular place for local citizens and for the guests, whose impression of this place leaves in their hurts for a long time.


Red Square was founded in XV century originally for trade. Suitable position near the Moscow River led people to trade by different things, making some exchanges by variety of produced products. Gradually this Square was filled up by several buildings, which are very famous today. They are the place of Execution, where royal decrees were published; Kazan Cathedral; Historical museum; Mausoleum and other interesting, mysterious places, which worth to visit.


Every year during the celebration of The Victory Day Red Square becomes the place, where a lot of military technics and a lot of former and current soldiers meet each other. Veterans always tell young people their life stories and then they all together lay flowers on the grave of the Unknown Soldier. Every winter Red Square becomes a fairytale place, where thousands of people despite the frost gather together to see off an old year and to meet the new one. In this period, tourists are able to see how Russians celebrate their holydays and take part in these celebrations.